About Us

AlpaLife is a special division established by Shenzhen KangTi Life Technology Co., Ltd. to accumulate and promote KangTi Co. products and services to the international market. 

Founded in 2016, KangTi is a high-tech company based in Shenzhen, China, which exclusively engages in the research, development, and production of the single domain antibodies (also known as nanobodies*, VHH and VNAR ) and related products for academic research, medical diagnostics, and drug development. 

To meet the growing industry demands for nanobodies development, AlpaLife established professional and specialized platforms for alpaca, shark and camel breeding all over China. 

Currently, our company primarily focuses on custom nanobody services and the production of a new class of research tools for biological and medical applications. 

Alpalife offers cutting-edge technologies and fully integrated platforms.

2000 m2 of office and lab space, fully-fitted with innovative scientific laboratory equipment

We always say “Yes” to our clients requests and provide maximum value to their research, clinical, and commercial needs.

* The name "Nanobody" belongs to Ablynx

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