We are pleased to announce that in November AlpaLife successfully screened out desired VHH antibodies for The Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIBC, CAS).

AlpaLife successfully acquired and delivered multiple nanobody* sequences targeting the antigen provide by the researches from SIBC after one and a half months of screening, optimization, validation and evaluation. Those VHH antibodies were selected from two high-quality naïve phage display libraries constructed and optimized by AlpaLife and their high affinity was verified and confirmed by researching experiments from SIBC.

Camelids, including alpacas possess the unique class of antibodies, so called heavy chains antibodies (HcAb), which are naturally devoid of light chains and only consist of two heavy chains. The variable regions of those heavy chains are called nanobodies or VHH. VHH antibodies are tiny (15 kDa, only one-tenth the size of a conventional antibody), recombinantly producible and yet they possess full antigen binding capacity. The advantages of VHH over conventional antibodies include higher affinity and specificity, better stability and solubility, small molecular weight, enhanced tissue penetration contribute to their immense potential as the new-generation biological drugs, diagnostics and research reagents.

Picture from article “Generation of recombinant antibodies by display technologies for diagnostic applications”, Siang Tean Chin

Currently, constructing and screening antibody library via phage display technology has become a major choice for the production of VHH antibodies. Through phage display, the antigen and antibody interaction can be investigated by displaying the antibody protein on the surface of phage and select out the strongest antigen binding phages from the library. The successful accuirazation of VHH antibodies therefore depends on the diversity of phage library and the employed selection methods.

With years of researching and optimization, AlpaLife constructed various high-diversity phage display libraries and established comprehensive phage selection technologies to ensure successful screening of high affinity and specificity VHH antibodies for targets from various species. We are pleased to use our extensive experience and advanced platform to offer the best service and the most qualified products to satisfy each demand from our customers.

* The name "Nanobody" belongs to Ablynx