AlpaLife's Nanobeads are a suspension of activated agarose or magnetic beads coupled with alpaca nanobody (VHH). Nanobeads are perfect tools for the fast immunoprecipitation (IP / Co-IP) of proteins and their interaction partners. These recombinant binding proteins allow highly specific, rapid and efficient one-step purification of proteins for multitude applications such as: Mass spectrometry, Enzyme activity measurements, ChIP / RIP analysis. Nanobeads consist of recombinant alpaca's single domain antibody (sdAb, also known as a VHH and termed nanobody *) fragments coupled to an immobilizing matrix. They are extremely small size and highly stable, featuring high affinity, selective attachment and superior capacity for Tag-fusion proteins.

Nanobeads Adnvanteges:

  • Cleaner, due to the single-chain nature of sdAbs, there is no heavy and light chains contamination
  • More consistent, harsh wash conditions may be applied for selective protein-protein interactions
  • Reliable, very high binding affinities
  • High reproducibility due to recombinant expression with very low batch to batch variation
  • Short incubation times of 5-30 minutes

This make them make them ideal reagents for biomolecular research and live cell assays.

* The name "Nanobody" belongs to Ablynx

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