Anti-Rabbit Nanobody IP Agarose Beads

Camelid heavy chain antibody (HcAb) is a unique kind of antibody, which consist of two heavy chains only and naturally devoid of light chains. The antigen-binding site of the camel HcAb consists of a single variable domain (VHH). VHH is the smallest functional antibody part (molecular weight ~15 kD, 1/10 of conventional antibody) and yet it possess full antigen binding capacity, therefore this tiny camelid antibody fragments has been named Nanobody.

A major way to obtain complete nanobody sequences is a phage display screening. Due to the Nanobody small size and unique structure, high antigen-specificity and phage screening technology, Nanobodies exhibit high affinity and specificity, enhanced tissue penetration, they can be easily modificated and purified. Since it is possible to obtain the whole antibody sequence, nanobodies can be recombinantly produced in bacteria and yeasts, ensuring their consistent high quality and stable supply without batch-to-batch variations.

AlpaLife’s Anti-Rabbit Nanobody IP Agarose Beads are a suspension of activated agarose beads coupled with alpaca’s Anti-Mouse IgG nanobody. It is the best choice for precipitation of Mouse IgGs in immunoprecipitation and pull-down assays.

SDS-PAGE after immunoprecipitation of rabbit serum using Anti-Rabbit Nanobody IP Agarose BeadsAdvantages & Features:

In comparison with conventional antibody or protein A/G, Anti-Mouse Nanobody IP Agarose Beads has the following advantages:

•  Can be directly used, avoiding the need to conjugate protein A/G to agarose beads

• No contamination of heavy and light chains

•  Stable for stringent conditions

•  Short incubation (5-30 min)

•   High yield, high stability, constant high quality without batch-to-batch variations.

•   Highly efficient rapid immunoprecipitation

Product Information:

Size: 1.0 ml

Concentration: 1.0 ml of agarose beads coupled to 5.0 mg nanobody

Binding Capacity: 1.0 ml of Anti-Rabbit Nanobody IP Agarose Beads can bind 10 mg of Mouse IgG

Physical State: Suspension of agarose beads

Host: Alpaca

Species Reactivity: Rabbit

Storage Buffer: 20% Ethanol solution

Preservative: 0.03 % Sodium Azide

Storage Condition: Store vial at 4 °C prior to opening. DO NOT FREEZE. Can be used during 6 months after opening.






Anti-Rabbit Nanobody IP Agarose Beads

1 ml


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