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VHH single domain antibodies can be raised from an immune library or a naïve phage library. Immune libraries constructed from camels, alpacas, llamas and dromedaries can generate Nanobodies* with high affinity and specificity with months to years of work. Naïve libraries, on the other hand can produce satisfactory VHHs within 1-2 months and is especially applicable for toxic, lethal, transmissible, low immunogenic antigens or nonimmunogenic small molecular compounds.

Advantages of Naïve Library:

  No immunogenicity issues: applicable for toxic, lethal or transmissible antigen proteins.

  Short turnaround time: only 3 - 4 weeks to get positive antibody sequences.

  Animal protection: no animals required.

  High diversity libraries: we provide various naïve library with diversity of 109.


  Lower affinity and specificity

Nanobodies recognizing limiting antigen epitopes                                                                                                                                                                                     

Our naïve library was constructed from PBMCs isolated from more than 80 healthy, non-immunized  alpacas. Antibody VHH-genes were amplified from mRNA and cloned into a phage display vector. The library consists of 109 individual transformants with more than 90 % unique sequences. We leverage this established library along with our advanced screening platform to extend the epitope coverage and help clients find the optimal monoclonal antibody candidates.

Naïve Library Screening service includes analysis of customer-provided antigen, antigen modification and antibody screening, ELISA analysis and delivery of 1-3 positive clones. 

Procedure for Naïve Library Screening

Procedure for Naïve Library Screening

Multiple rounds of screening of the chosen library will be carried out in order to identify high-affinity binders of the protein of interest. During the interaction between the binders and the protein, binders will remain attached to the surface while non-binders will be eliminated by washing. Binders are then eluted and then recovered to infect bacteria and increase their quantity. The repetition of this method is called biopanning and allows to select the best binders, which are then isolated for validation in ELISA. At the end, the DNA of the best binders is sequenced thereby allowing to produce them as recombinant proteins.

With AlpaLife custom VHH or VNAR single domain antibody development service, we will carry out targeted antibody through both immunization and naive phage library to guarantee the acquisition of enough and high-sequence-variety antibodies. Furthermore, we can perform directed evolution on selected camelid or shark antibody sequence to dramatically enhance its affinity and specificity.

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