AlpaLife is delighted to offer our clients protein production services tailored to their specific needs.

AlpaLife has extensive experience in protein production. We develop strategies in E. coli and Pichia Pastoris expression systems to produce desired proteins, such as VHH and  VNARsingle domain antibodies, protein or peptide antigens, specific for your applications. According to your project needs you can choose E.coli or yeast expression system to get your protein of interest. Our team can develop customized protocol or adapt your protocol as well.

We have produced many VHHs with high affinity and specificity against of various targets. Single domain antibodies are perfectly stable and harboring the full antigen-binding capacity of conventional antibodies. This unique structural and functional property makes these molecules ideal candidates for new generation of antibody therapeutics.

Our Custom Protein Expression Service Highlights:

Risk-Free Guarantee

 No Protein, No Charge. If project fails, we will cover all expenses, including gene synthesis cost (applicable for E. coli system only).


Project can be completed within 6 weeks for E.coli system, or 3 months for Pichia Pastoris expression system.

High Success Rate

Our project success rate is almost 95% in E. coli expression system and greater than 80% in Pichia Pastoris.

 Guaranteed Protein Quantity & Purity

We will refund you a half of the price you paid if desired protein amount & purity are not achieved.

Total Customization

You can choose your expression system and the corresponding codon optimization, protein quantity, purity degree, fused cleavable tag, polyclonal or monoclonal antibody… etc. And we will tailor protein specifications to fit your needs.

All-inclusive Services

We provide every service you need, from gene design to pure protein.

AlpaLife is pleased to offer the most comprehensive protein production services to meet every client’s requirement, as well as contribute greatly to the success of your research goals.

* The name "Nanobody" belongs to Ablynx