VHH and VNAR antibodies are a new catalogue of antibodies with smaller molecule sizes and stronger affinity than conventional antibodies, making them ideal for the generation of novel biological drugs. To meet the growing industry demands for nano-antibody development and animal immunization, our company established professional and specialized platforms for alpaca, camel and shark breeding and immunization to minimize the cost and risk for VHH and VNAR antibodies global developers.

We have a large number of animals for nanobody development.

AlpaLife, has built 9 animal breeding and researching centers across China. With high standard facilities and professional animal caring staff, those centers provide large number of healthy alpacas, sharks and camels with clear immune-background for VHH antibody and VNAR antibody development. Our company's animal centers are open and welcome our customers come by themselves to visit, sample and inspect animals.

Give us your antigen proteins and we will do all the rest for you.

In general workflow, we perform 4-6 times of immunization. After the last immunization, our staff will collect 20 mL blood samples from the immunized animal and extract peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Standard workflow for alpaca immunization

0 ~2nd day

Analyzing antigen protein and finishing protein analysis report.

2nd ~4th day

Collecting blood sample before immunization.

5th day

Antigen preparation with complete Freund's adjuvant and injection.

20th  day

Antigen preparation with incomplete Freund's adjuvant and injection.

26th  day

Collecting blood samples and extracting peripheral blood lymphocytes.

35th day

Antigen preparation with incomplete Freund's adjuvant and injection.

42nd day

Collecting blood samples and separating serum.

50th day

Antigen preparation with incomplete Freund's adjuvant and injection.

56th day

Collecting 20 mL blood samples and extracting peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).

60th day

Analyzing serum by ELISA. Providing project reports.

We can customize immunization periods and frequency according to customer requirements.

Requirements for antigen proteins:

1. Purity: High purity of antigen proteins is critical for animal’s immune response, we suggest to immunize protein with purity > 90% or peptide with purity > 95%, length > 12 amino acids.

2. Concentration: >1 mg/mL without toxic components like azide.

3. Amount: 0.8 - 4 mg of soluble protein or 10 mg of peptide usually is enough, low immunogenicity antigen could require a bigger amount.

4. Shipping: packaging with ice dry when shipping.

We can also help you to prepare the antigen. Please contact us to request a quote and provide information about your antigen.

Time and energy are precious for every researcher and developer. We are aiming to free scientists from their trivial animal working with AlpaLife immunization services.

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