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Nanobody can be raised from an immune library or a naïve library. Immune phage display libraries constructed from camels, alpacas, llamas or sharks can generate VHHs or VNARs with high affinity and specificity. At AlpaLife, we have succeeded in generating monoclonal antibodies from alpacas, camels, and sharks.

In comparison with naïve libraries, immune libraries usually produce antibodies of greater affinity, thus avoiding time-consuming in vitro antibody affinity maturation effort. Antibodies from naïve libraries frequently require affinity maturation before they are useful due to affinity issues. Furthermore, in comparison with naïve libraries, which usually require a size of 1-10 billion independent clones to be useful, an immune library can be much smaller. Experiences showed that immune libraries with a size of 1-10 million variants could be sufficient to produce excellent antibodies.

In terms of the advanced phage display technology, AlpaLife has capabilities for the construction of VHH or VNAR based single domain antibody libraries through immunization of camel, alpaca or shark.


AlpaLife Alpaca Immunization Advantages of Immune Library:

  Higher chance to get desired VHH or VNAR single domain antibody

  Better affinity and specificity

  Easier to acquire antibodies recognizing different antigen epitopes


  Long experiment period


Phases of Nanobody development:         Phases of Nanobody development

Currently, constructing and screening immune antibody library via phage display technology have become a major choice for the production of monoclonal antibody with high specificity and affinity. Compared with the conventional hybridoma technology, the generation of immune antibody libraries is not limited by the requirement of fusion partners, which expands the possibility to develop monoclonal antibodies from a much broader range of species. 

AlpaLife carries out customized library construction services under M13 filamentous phage display systemThrough DNA manipulation, numerous gene variants can be created and constructed as phage display library. Our scientists are confident in generating high-quality libraries with the diversity of 108.

Moreover, AlpaLife offers small- and large-scale expression of proteins in E. coli., Pichia Pastoris and further evolution services, such as nanobody labeling and nanobody humanization. Please contact us for more information.

AlpaLife is pleased to offer unified fixed price for developing Alpaca's Camel's or Shark's Nanobody!   

Complex Nanobody Development  Service 

 Service includes analysis of customer-provided antigen, antigen modification, animal immunization, library construction and screening, delivery of bacterial glycerol stock and up to 50 antibodies sequencesworldwide shipping of a customer-provided antigen and the final product.

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With AlpaLife custom VHH or VNAR antibody development service, we will carry out targeted antibody through both immunization and naive phage library to guarantee the acquisition of enough and high-sequence-variety nanobodies. Furthermore, we can perform directed evolution on selected camelid or shark antibody sequence to dramatically enhance its affinity and specificity.

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