Animals Immunization Platform

AlpaLife is delighted to bring out the unique shark, alpaca and camel immunization service for our customers all over the world.

To meet the growing industry demands for VHH and VNAR antibodies development and animal immunization, AlpaLife established professional and specialized platforms for alpaca breeding and immunization to minimize the cost and risk for nanobody* global developers.

    AlpaLife has built 9 animal breeding and researching centers across China. Now we have more than 2000 alpacas, 1000 sharks and 300 camels in our facilities. With high standards and professional animal caring staff, those centers provide large number of healthy animals with clear immunization background for VHH and VNAR development. We always welcome our clients to visit our centers to sample and inspect animals.

Based on our experience and advanced technologies, our scientists are confident in tailoring the best-fit immunization strategies for our clients’ project to meet the most specific requirements.

Learn more about AlpaLife's immunization services.

                                  Our project manager will always keep you up to date and provide photos and videos of any process you request.

Watch more videos about immunization processes on our YouTube channel:

* The name "Nanobody" belongs to Ablynx

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