Phage Display Library Construction and Screening Platform

     AlpaLife has sufficient expertise in constructing and screening of naïve and immune single domain antibody libraries. By nature, single domain antibodies developed from either VHH or VNAR are more stable and soluble, although their immunogenicity can be higher than single domain antibodies engineered from human antibodies.

    Today,  the most popular and reliable ways to discover novel single domain antibodies are library construction and screening methods based on display technology. AlpaLife has extensive experience in phage display realm and can meet our client’s the most specific needs of VHH discovery.  

Phage Display Library Construction and Screening Service Features: 

    Immune or naïve library construction

    Library screening

    Large library capacity from 107 to over 1012

    High affinity from 10-7 to 10-9

    Tailored biopanning strategies

    Comprehensive QC validation

Phage Display 

Phage display is one of the most powerful and widely used laboratory technique for the study of protein-protein, protein-peptide and protein-DNA interactions. The technology was firstly described by Smith in 1985, and then be further expanded by groups of scientists.This technology is mainly based on displaying the interest protein on the surface of employing phage and then be used to interrogate the constructed libraries containing millions or even billions of displayed phages. One of the successful applications of phage display technology is the isolation of monoclonal antibodies using large capacity phage antibody libraries.

Antibody libraries are constructed by the genomic information coding for antibody variable domains, which can be derived from B cells of immune or naïve donors. Compared with the traditional hybridoma method, antibody phage display library has distinct advantages on discovering novel monoclonal antibodies and even the fully human antibody. AlpaLife is able to construct immune antibody libraries and isolate monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and affinity from a comprehensive list of species, which including but not limited to alpaca, camel and shark.

AlpaLife offers customized library construction services under M13 filamentous phage display system. Through DNA manipulation, numerous gene variants can be created and constructed as phage display library. Our scientists are confident in generating high-quality libraries with the diversity of 108.

Picture from article “Generation of recombinant antibodies by display technologies for diagnostic applications”, Siang Tean Chin

Featured Applications of Phage Display

Phage display has been well-recognized as a pivotal tool in immunological and cellular biological research due to its remarkable contribution to the development of new drugs and vaccines.

As one of the most successful applications, phage display technology has proved its safety and efficiency in the research and development of specific antibodies. Notably, take advantage of phage display platform based on human antibody sequences makes it available to produce fully human antibodies without the ethical and moral issues. In addition, this platform is also a wide choice for in vitro protein evolution; a typical example is the well-known antibody affinity maturation. Combine with mutagenesis and phage display technologies, phage display antibody library with the size of over 108 can be generated to screen the specific antibodies with high affinity for the development of high efficacy with low side effects antibody drugs.  Furthermore, phage display platform is an equally important tool for the development of vaccines and the generation of diagnostic tests for monitoring disease progression and evaluating treatment efficacy.

AlpaLife has extensive expertise in the field of applying phage display platform. Our scientists can offer high-quality phage display library construction and phage display library screening services to meet our clients’ specific needs. We aslo can screen our naive library for your target quickly and move forward into developing a robust VHH for you.

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